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Burn Rebuilding

The Bolin Companies have been building homes in Paradise and Butte County for 41 years. We are part of a strong network of local builders who understand the local requirements. Our company president, Greg Bolin, personally lost his home to a fire and knows, intimately, how to rebuild from a fire. Please call if we can provide any more information.


1) Where do I start? Your very first step will be to call your home owner’s insurance agent. Once the myriad of forms and inspections are complete, your agent should give you a specific timeline for obtaining money to rebuild. Learn from the agent and understand this process.

2) Will I need building permits? Yes, even for relatively minor fire repairs, you will probably need a permit. The rebuilding effort will need to conform to new building codes and to wild land fire safety codes.

3) Where is my best source of help? A reputable and local licensed, general building contractor will be your “team leader” in the process. This contractor will advise you and help you find a license architect. The contractor will then help you through the permit process. Next the contractor will gather local subcontractors and suppliers who understand the local building codes and who can build to the wild land fire interface codes. A plus, would be to have a contractor who has experience rebuilding from a fire.

4) Do I have to rebuild the exact same home as I had before? Not necessarily. Now may be the time to make the changes you’ve always wanted to make. Your licensed general contractor will help you budget and plan for these changes.

5) Why use local licensed contractors? The Town of Paradise and Butte County have their own unique building requirements and they work closely with the local requirements of Cal Fire. Local contractors have the experience you need. Licensed contractors are backed by the Contractor’s State License Board and are bonded.

6) Should I expect to pay for advice or consulting? No! A reputable contractor will not charge you to answer your questions.

7) Will there be enough money to rebuild or repair my home? Or…is my insurance company being fair with me? Your budget is your best friend for this decision. Choose a contractor who is willing to get competitive bids for all work and who can give you an accurate budget for the project. A good contractor will share this budget with you and will put it in writing. You will know up front, whether the work can be afforded.

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